Nevada Wrongful Termination

Nevada is known as a "right to work state" - which is a nice sounding politically correct term for Nevada employees being able to be fired without any cause.  This means that most terminations in Nevada are legal and an employee does not have any recourse.  When a termination is not illegal or a "wrongful termination", often Nevada unemployment compensation is the only benefit a Nevada employee receives once they are terminated.  Please see the section on Nevada Unemployment Rights for this information.
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Nevada wrongful termination is a phrase that means a termination violates either a Federal or a Nevada State law .  There are many types of Nevada wrongful terminations. These include retaliation or discrimination such as age, race sex or disability discrimination, among others.  In other laws, such as the the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), it also includes interference with a right.  Because the phrase "wrongful termination" really deals with violations of other laws, please refer to the other sections on this website to get a better understanding of what the laws are and what rights you may have.

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