Mr. Morris has been practicing law since 1994 and is a diverse individual with many interests. Unlike other attorneys, Mr. Morris was working on an advanced degree in an unrelated field when he had a calling to become an attorney and he instantly switched from his science based studies to law. Mr. Morris has owned a retail store, has written computer software and has been on the Board of several non-profit corporations, including the SPCA of Northern Nevada.  After graduating from law school, Mr. Morris based his practice on "righting wrongs" and started a heavy practice in civil rights and employment law such as wrongful terminations and discrimination. His law practice philosophy led him to a specialized area of Tribal and Indian Law where he has represented many Tribes and their members. He was eventually asked to be a judge for the Appellate Court for the Nevada Tribes and he served as a justice for this Inter-Tribal Court of Appeals of Nevada for several years. Mr. Morris has received published decisions in both Federal and State Courts and he is currently licensed in the following courts: all Nevada Courts including the Nevada Supreme Court, Nevada Federal Courts, Federal Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals and multiple Indian and Tribal Courts. While based in Reno, he provides services to all of Nevada from Las Vegas to the rural towns in Nevada. Due to the nature of the cases handled by Mr. Morris, the majority of them are filed in Federal Courts - which are located in Reno and Las Vegas.